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Pet View Photo Challenge Images

Updated: May 31, 2020

A massive THANK YOU to everyone who took part in the challenge we set in our last blog. It really has been great to see soooo many varieties of images from different animals and most of all we absolutely loved the creativity in the images...I mean what a great idea using a mint plant as a goldfish bowl plant (see if you can spot which image it's in)!! :D

We also appear to have some very young budding photographers taking part and maybe we can get even more people taking part in the next watch this space!

Below are all the images that have been shared with us. As you can see there is some great talent around....


1. Dev Singh Chawla - Bird


2. Dilmeet Kaur - Goldfish


3. Ranjit Singh - Cat


4. Jas Cooke - Cat


5. Charanjot Singh - Ant


6. Jaskiran Kaur - Ant


7. Jenny Phelan - Puppy


8. Jaskiran Kaur (That X Kaur) - Puppy


9. Ruhi Vaja - Rabbit


10. Liesl Van Kervel - Yellow Wagtail


11. Ana McPhail - Bug


12. Dayapreet Kaur - Rabbit


13. Beant Kaur - Squirrel

This entry was taken by one of our youngest photographer and it had a story to go with it:

"I have decided to take my pictures from the eyes of a squirrel. He crawls across the walls every day. He always comes up to our kitchen window and we throw him some bread. We think that he lives in a tree at the back of our garden."


14. Rajbir Kaur - Dog

Captioned left to right - Chewing on Slippers; Sneaking food from the table; Barking at chipmunks; Waiting faithfully for my owner to come home


15. Anaika Kaur - Snake


16. Connie Parry


17. Vicki D - Dog


18. Mary Sibtain - Dog


19. Mark Hodgkinson - Cat


20. Arpan - Snake


21. Stella Park - Cat


22. Kay Barow - Modern Dog


23. Elaine Bancroft - Dog


24. Robin Edwards -


25. Lingjie Wang - Bird


25. Laurent Maumus - Dog


27. Leyla Hunn - Baby Elephant


28. Peter Webber - Cat


29. Preetam Singh - Goldfish


30. Anmol Kaur - Pidgeon


31. Kimranjeet Shokar - Dog


We hope you enjoyed the mentioned, look out for the next challenge. Most of all, remember to stay safe and keep taking photographs.


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